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General Information

General Information

We are Elysian on Taiwanese Dragon Nest.
Server: The first one on the list, with "New" in the name.
Leader: 一Mint(copy + paste this)

Join by applying for the guild through the guild tab.
If you need someone to contact, you may whisper me or:
You may also contact us through Nexon's Dragon Nest forum.

FTG resets at 9AM daily.
Dungeons reset every Saturday.
Tuesday is weekly maintenance from 9AM-Midnight.


Register & Install
This is an updated & more thorough version of how to download & register for twDN. The original guide was not written by me.


  • I will provide an English mod. However, it's functionality is only for translating Stat names, Crests, & Items.  Currently, no quests are translated.  However, I will be working on quests in the future.
  • To use the Marketplace, you cannot search in English names. You will have to just use the search options provided in the MP or remove the mod & right-click the item of a name to search it in Taiwanese. What I tend to do is use the search options & organize alphabetically.

Okay so onto the guide.

  1. Download the game. I suggest using a download manager, such as Free Download Manager. This will decrease the download duration & you may pause/resume your download whenever you please.

    If you downloaded FDM, right-click on the download for the game & select Copy Link Address. Open FDM, click the + on the top left to add a new download, & the link that you had just copied should have automatically pasted itself in there. If not, then just paste it & click OK. Here's a picture if you're stupid.

    Downloading time will gradually decrease, just give it a few moments. Mine took about 2-3 hours, which is pretty typical.

  2. While that downloads, register an account, which requires beanfun! You also need it to run the game. Do so by going here, where you will see a bar on the bottom of your browser. Click the orange button on the bottom right. Here's a picture if you're stupid.

  3. You will get a pop-up, & you will probably not be able to read a single bit of it, but just click the button that's on the pop-up. It looks something like this(it's okay if it's a little different, as long as the button looks something like this).

    This will start a download for beanfun! which is the equivalent of Nexonfor NA users.

  4. Install beanfun! when it has finished downloading. Before you start to install it though, make sure to close all of your browsers(bookmark this guide so you can come back to it). Once it has finished, it'll open your default browser directing you to their website. Doesn't matter, just close it.

  5. Now to actually register an account. Go here. This is where the basic translation option that pops up at the top of your browser comes in handy. But if you don't have that, the fields say the following in order:

    E-mail(US Yahoo doesn't work, use Gmail or your MSN e-mail[hotmail]).
    Account ID(You will use this to login).
    Nickname(I honestly have no idea what this is for, but I treated it as a forum nickname lol).
    Confirm Password
    Date of Birth(Year/Month/Day)
    Authentication Code(Copy the captcha).

    At the bottom, there will be 3 check boxes. Check the 2nd one(Terms of Use) & the 3rd. Then click the orange button at the bottom of the registration page. You should be directed to a new page if you registered correctly. This means that you should have received a confirmation e-mail.

  6. Check your e-mail. You should have received a message that looks like this.

    Click the button indicated. You've just confirmed that you're not a bot, congratulations.

  7. By this time, if your game hasn't finished downloading & installing, I suggest you wait for that first. When your download is finished(if you used FDM, right-click the download through FDM & select Open Folder), click the DragonNest_V341.exe file. It should appear like any other installation, except in a different language(you may get ??????? or boxes instead though). I don't need to explain the rest, click the button that is high-lighted blue, check Terms of Use boxes if needed, & let it install.

  8. Now that your Dragon Nest is installed, you still can't play yet. Go here. Bookmark this site because as far as I know, you can't launch the game directly & log in in-game. It'll just say that your account doesn't exist.

    So go to that site. What you are looking at is a list of games that Gamania hosts. You should be able to recognize Dragon Nest.

    Hover your mouse over that handsome warrior & a green button should appear in a small window. Click the button.

    A window should have came up. Obviously, it's a login menu. In this order:
    Account ID
    Verification Code(copy the captcha below).
    Click the giant green button.

  9. Next is to authorize an account to play Dragon Nest.
    What you will see is a blank box. This is all of the accounts you have authorized to play Dragon Nest. As you can see, there are none so far.

    Click the + on the bottom right of the pop-up.
    Type in your Account ID.
    Click the green button to add.
    Now you should be able to see that you've added an account.

    Select your account. Wait a few moments while your Dragon Nest starts up. Your browser will automatically minimize because Dragon Nest says it's time to play.  This may take some time to patch.

  10. THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you wish to use the English patch, keep in mind that every Tuesday in Taiwan, there is weekly maintenance.  Before logging into the website & launching the game, remove ALL English patches & mods.  Then proceed to log in, launch the game, allow it to patch(if there is a patch), then move the English patches back into the folder & continue to play.

    If you would like the English patch, you may download the one that our guild has contributed to here.  Though recently, I've become the only one that works on it now.

    You may also download the English NPC voices here.
    You may also download the English cut-scenes here.

    Go to your twDN folder. It should be in C: > Program Files > Gamania > DragonNest

    Extract the English.rar file, which should give you "Resource01-EN UI TEST 3.pak" & "Resource01-Essential NPCS.pak."  Drag these two files, as well as "Resource01-CutNA.pak" & "Resource01-NPCNA.pak" into the DragonNest folder.  You should have dragged 4 files total.

  11. beanfun! should automatically start running on your computer, & Dragon Nest should have launched.

    At the bottom of the patcher, you should see a unchecked box. Check the box(Terms of Use). The button on the right side should be high-lighted now. Click it to start your game.

  12. If you logged in correctly, your game should have opened up to a Server Selection screen. I play on the [New] server, it should be the first one on the list.  If you would like to apply for the guild, simply search us in the Guild tab, "Elysian."
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